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Drain Relining Kent

Drain Relining Kent

Drain pipes are bound to suffer problems at some point because of old age and deterioration. When gaps, cracks, and leaks form inside the pipe, the damage will disrupt the water flow and cause more severe problems in the drainage system. That is why you must request professional assistance after noticing the first sign of a drainage issue on your property.

SW Drainage is a professional and experienced drain relining company serving business owners and homeowners in Kent. Drain relining is highly recommended for older or malfunctioning drain pipes because it will restore their functionality immensely. We no longer need to use traditional excavation methods to reline drains, so you can expect the process to be faster and more affordable.

Our CCTV team will inspect the inside of your drain pipe to inspect its condition remotely. If we only see minor cracks or fractures in the pipe, our specialists may choose to patch up the small damaged area to avoid a costlier relining process. However, if the gaps, cracks, and leaks have spread too far into the pipe, we must reline the entire pipe length to cover all the damages.

Drain relining does not involve digging any trenches. Instead, we place a flexible lining material inside the pipe to cover the damages. A durable resin coats the lining to keep it strong and long-lasting after it hardens inside the drain pipe. Afterward, you will notice the water flow has been restored to normal.

Would you like more information about our drain relining process and how it can help restore the functionality of your drainage system in Kent? Contact SW Drainage at 01634 961 485 or email us at to learn more today.