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Drain Repair London

Drain Repair London

A fully functional drainage system is essential for all industrial, residential, and commercial properties in London. However, drainage systems do not stay fully functional forever because they eventually suffer structural damage, leaks, clogging, and other problems.

Older drains often suffer issues from soil movement, pipe obstructions, and tree root infiltration. Unless the drains get repaired quickly and efficiently, they will develop gurgling noises, slower drainage, water backups, and foul odours. That is why you should immediately contact our drain repair company whenever you notice these problems with your drainage system.

SW Drainage can send a team of drain repair technicians to your London property quickly. We have the proper tools, experience, and expertise to repair big or small drainage problems.

Here are some of the tasks involved in the drain repair process:

  • Using CCTV technology to inspect the drain pipes and locate the problem
  • Unclogging the drain with standard tools and equipment
  • Inserting drain lining to cover the damaged pipes without needing an extensive excavation

Drain lining is a simpler and less costly repair method that does not involve digging trenches like traditional drain repair methods. Instead, we will install a flexible resin-coated lining material to cover the damaged pipe. Once the resin hardens, the damaged pipe will become fully functional again. All its gaps, cracks, and leaks will be covered and sealed.


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