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Drain Relining London

Drain Relining London

Do you need to reline the drain pipes on your industrial, commercial, or residential property in London? If so, we have the most competitively priced solutions available for you.

SW Drainage is an experienced and reputable drainage company offering advanced drain relining services. Our drain lining technology allows us to reline damaged drain pipes without involving extensive excavation practices. Instead, we insert flexible resin-coated lining material over the gaps, cracks, and leaks to seal them up. That way, the drain pipes can function as usual again.

If you only have a small crack or displaced joint in your drain pipe, we can install a patch over it. You will save a lot more money with a patch versus lining the entire length of the drain pipe. The only situation where the latter is necessary is if the damage has spread beyond one small area. In that case, we would want to reline the entire drain pipe length to seal the multiple damaged regions.

Here are the advantages of our drain relining services in London:

  • Cost-effective because it cuts out the need to conduct an extensive excavation
  • Time-efficient because the drain relining job is faster to perform than the traditional excavation method
  • A durable resin material is used to create the new lining, allowing it to last for many years
  • The drain relining improves water flow in the drain pipe and reduces the risk of future clogging from tree root intrusion or debris accumulation
  • Environmentally friendly with minimal digging required

Would you like to request a drain relining service in London? Contact SW Drainage at 01634 961 485 or email us at to connect with us today.