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Drain Repair Kent

Drain Repair Kent

Are you suffering drainage problems on your commercial, industrial, or residential property in Kent or nearby? If so, contact our professional drainage repair company to fix the issue before it worsens.

SW Drainage specialises in repairing all kinds of drainage problems, whether due to structural damage, pipe leaks, or clogging. Do not attempt to repair the drains yourself because you could make the situation worse. Instead, contact our company as soon as you notice drainage issues, and we will send a qualified drainage professional to resolve the problem for you.

Drains are susceptible to various problems, such as aging deterioration, foreign object obstructions, and soil movement. These problems will result in water backing in the drainage system or leaking out of the pipe. The early warning signs are when water takes too long to drain in your bathroom or kitchen sink.

SW Drainage has a CCTV team on standby to conduct a pre-survey of the inner drain pipe without needing to conduct an excavation. The CCTV video feed will allow us to locate the damaged or clogged area of the drain pipe. Afterward, we can take the appropriate steps to fix the problem, such as installing a new drain lining.

Drain lining is a faster and easier method of repairing damaged drains because we apply a resin-coated material over the leaks, gaps, and cracks to cover them completely. The lining will restore the full functionality of the drain pipe without needing to remove and replace it physically.

Contact SW Drainage at 01634 961 485 or email us at to learn more about our professional and reliable drain repair services in Kent.