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Road Sweeping

Road Sweeping

SWD is dedicated to keeping your roads and streets clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. With a modern fleet of state-of-the-art Bucher Road Sweepers and a team of highly skilled professionals, we ensure that your community stays free from dust, debris, and litter, creating a cleaner environment for everyone.

Our Services

Road Sweeping:

Our primary service involves sweeping roads and streets of all sizes. Whether it’s a residential area, commercial district, or an industrial complex, our road sweeping services cater to all types of locations.

Car Park Cleaning:

A clean car park not only enhances the overall appeal of your property but also helps prevent stormwater runoff issues. Our specialised fleet is equipped to clean and maintain car parks of all sizes efficiently.

Construction Site Cleaning:

Construction sites can quickly become messy with dirt, gravel, and other debris. We offer thorough cleaning services to keep your construction sites safe and compliant with environmental and safety regulations.

Event Cleaning:

After a special event or festival, cleaning up can be a daunting task. Our team is experienced in post-event cleanups, ensuring the area returns to its pristine condition.

Seasonal Cleaning:

Different seasons bring unique challenges, such as autumn leaves or winter snow. We adapt our services to handle seasonal debris effectively.

Our Fleet

Mechanical Road Sweepers

Our fleet of Bucher MaxPowa V80 road sweepers are the very latest in road sweeping technology. With a low water usage, the V80 uses atomising jets to reduce water usage by 20%. The V80 machines are equipped with powerful rotating brushes and vacuum systems. They are ideal for removing dirt, litter, leaves, and other debris from roads and paved surfaces.

The MaxPowa V80 is an ideal balance bewtween performance and low environmental impact with a high payload that can handle the most demanding of jobs.

Why SWD Road Sweeping?


We have years of experience in the road sweeping industry, providing high-quality services to various clients.

Trained Professionals:

Our team consists of trained and skilled professionals who understand the nuances of road sweeping and ensure thorough cleaning.

State-of-the-Art Equipment:

Our fleet comprises the latest road sweepers equipped with cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing efficient and effective cleaning. All of our sweepers are equipped with Ogden Safety Systems Auto-Stop, externally mounted cameras and proximity sensors.

Environmentally Conscious:

We prioritise environmental responsibility and adopt eco-friendly practices in our operations.

Customised Solutions:

We tailor our road sweeping services to suit the unique requirements of each location, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Contact Us:

Keep your streets clean and safe with our top-notch road sweeping services. For inquiries or to schedule a service, contact us.

Don’t let dirt and debris mar the beauty of your community. Choose SWD road sweeping services today!

As well as being able to schedule appointments, our servicing team also operate on a 24-hour emergency service – available seven days a week